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Ripple's XRP token passes $3 for all time high

Ripple has passed the $3 mark for the first time and that is still before any announcement of Ripple (XRP) being available for trading at Coinbase. It was just recently we published about Ripple passing the $2 mark, and really not long ago before that the $1 mark. Ripple is on the rise and the more it grows, the more interest it's going to pull in from people that have any interest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Just how big is Ripple's XRP token? It's the #2

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Dadi, Decentralized web services powered by blockchain technology

What is Dadi? Or It is a decentralized web services that use blockchain technology. Or direct from their website: A new era of cloud computing services, powered by blockchain technology. If you think about cloud computing services, they are nearly everywhere you look. Maybe you have heard of these companies Dropbox Stripe Amazon Google Microsoft There are a lot of companies that are eager to have a stronghold in the cloud computing business but this is where a decentralized system could completely disrupt Alternatives

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Ripple surges past $2, people are scrambling to buy

In December Ripple took off and has surged past the $2 mark. One of the most frequently asked questions we are getting is where can people buy Ripple. In the month of December 2017, Ripple has surged from $0.25 to over $2 and a market capitalization of $10 billion USD to $90 billion. Ripple forecast for 2018 Looking at on the price of Ripple for the short and long term we see: End of January: $4.85 End of 2018: $8.48 Coinbase

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Q&A with nTrust, an exchange for Canadians is a Canadian Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash exchange that represent one of the few options Canadians have if they want to deposit with Interac. Get $2 free with Referral Code joh1091 When signing up just use referral code joh1091 and you'll get $2 free! How can Canadians fund their nTrust account? Canadians can fund their accounts via bank transfer, Interac, or, if they use a credit union, by adding nTrust as a payee. For all other sites and companies in Canada that offer the

Read more bComm Conference 2018 will be hosting their bComm Conference on May 18th, 2018 in Hong Kong. The event will feature special guest attendees including Calvin Ayre, Roger Ver, Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen. bComm Conference 2018 Information Dates: May 18, 2018 Location: Hong Kong Registration: Announced January 2018 Website: is owned by and there should be some notable guests at the event and an opportunity to get a better understanding of Bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies work, plus an

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