There is supposed to be another fork in Bitcoin in November 2017 where the fork is supposed to be for support of Segwit2x. There are just a few big problems with this which that there are enough people in the community that don't support Segwit2x at all, or at least, nobody is sure of that.

There does seem to be a war going on between people on the Segwit2x side and those on the Bitcoin Cash side of things, or just anyone in particular really. What it comes down to is control and ideas that people want to push forward to advance either Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

Controversial Roger Ver

Roger Ver is the owner of and he seems controversial for many reasons. If you watch him speak on YouTube videos, he seems to have a hate towards a lot of groups and organizations that don't align with his own views. Which in the world of cryptocurrencies it can make sense in that there are simply enough interest groups that want

Calvin Ayre - There

Craig Wright, Roger Ver and I meeting in Tokyo last night. Lots of work to get Bitcoin back on track after BlockStream and Ethereum have caused so much damage.

From Calvin Ayre's Facebook post here.

Other quotes from Calvin

and there is no need for more than one public blockchain and the best one now is BCH