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Futurist Conference interview with Tracy Leparulo

1. What is the Futurist Conference and how has it evolved over the years from the first event you organized? Futurist is the largest most high profile blockchain and emerging industries event in Canada with over 2300 attendees. It welcomes anyone who wants to use and learn more about the newest tech and trends that will disrupt our future. Our first event was the Bitcoin Expo in 2014 which was specifically focused on Bitcoin. It had 800 attendees (largest in the world at the time) but was focused specifically on bitcoin. It was also the event that...

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Bitcoin vs Mainstream Media

There is an ongoing fight between those that are on the side of Bitcoin and those against it. Usually the ones against it are the mainstream media as they report on Bitcoin in one of two ways: The phenomena of Bitcoin Why Bitcoin is bad and it is a scam Sometimes there are positive stories about Bitcoin and blockchain technology but for the most part these articles are trying to comprehend how a cryptocurrency has skyrocketed to such a high value and wondering when the bubble will burst. For the...

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Counter arguments & flaws in Globe & Mail's article on cryptocurrency

The Globe and Mail recently published an article written by Rita Trichur and it is a great attempt at trying to discuss issues of financial inequality when it comes to cryptocurrencies however the article falls flat on facts. You can read that article here but will dissect all points and leave my comments on them. First off, the article paints a picture of young rich men, mostly white and that are partying it up like frat boys in Los Angeles in a big mansion. This is of course a great way to get people out the outside...

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Guide to buying Bitcoin for Canadians

Bitcoin is popular and if you are reading this then you probably have it on your mind, where and how can I buy Bitcoin in Canada? Good question and for years you would have had to rely on companies located outside of Canada where you really need to do your research to know if the company is legit or not. There are more than enough sites out there that are just scams so the research part is important. The short answer to that question is you can buy Bitcoin with Coinberry which is a Canadian company. ...

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Blockchain Futurist Conference 2018 Recap

The Blockchain Futurist Conference 2018 was an eye opening event. In talking with friends, they said this was one of the better shows with quality speakers and quality sponsors too. Everything was perfect from the venue to the speakers to the attendees. I have never been to a conference where one after the other the speakers were worth listening to and taught you something new and also inspired you. The Venue The venue was at the Rebel Entertainment Complex which turned out to be an excellent venue for a conference for a few thousand people. They...

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