What's the best wallet to store your Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other altcoin? We list a few recommended wallets for storing your digital currencies.


Jaxx is a popular wallet that gives you the ability to store numerous coin types like BTC, ETC, LTC, Dash and a lot more. You can use Jaxx on any computer: Mac, Windows, Linux and on Android or iPhone.


Exodus is another multi-asset wallet that is commonly recommended by people in the cryptocurrency communities. Just ask around for a good Ethereum wallet and you'll often hear Exodus as a recommendation.

Ledger Wallet

Ledger Wallet makes cold storage wallets, that means physical devices to store your coins. One of their popular wallets is the Ledger Nano S which you can pick up for €58.

Not recommended wallets


Coinbase is not recommended by this site mainly because they use a private key which acts like a backdoor to your wallet where Coinbase can freeze your wallet. It's another backdoor to your wallet which defeats the purpose of having a local wallet in the first place. Otherwise you could store your currency at an exchange but that has it's risks.


Stay far away from this wallet! You would think from ethereum.org you would get the most reliable and secure wallet. Well it's definitely not reliable at all with too many users complaining here, here and here about the wallet not syncing and requiring the users to download the whole blockchain.