Cafe Casino might not be a household name for an online casino but they are certainly all in with Bitcoin. New players get $10 no deposit at Cafe Casino for joining.

Cafe Casino will teach you everything you need to know about Bitcoin

Some of the better guides and information have been written by online casinos like Cafe Casino that explain the whole process start to finish in using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. They let you know which wallets they recommend you store you Bitcoin on too.

Important takeaway tips from Cafe Casino's Bitcoin guide

  • Keep track of where you store your balance. Remember, it’s always better to keep your entire balance in one of your wallets and not an exchange service.
  • Never use an online wallet, use a downloaded one instead.
  • If you have a large amount of bitcoin that you want to keep for a long period of time, consider using a paper wallet or a hardware wallet, as these are offline and cannot be hacked
  • You can mitigate risks by using more than one wallet to store and spend your bitcoin
  • If you purchase from a peer instead of an exchange, make sure you choose a seller that has a good reputation (peer to peer exchange sites will rate sellers based on past experiences).
  • Never use the same bitcoin address more than once. Don't worry though, most wallets will take care of this automatically for you.

Bitcoin ATM World Map

You can find all the Bitcoin ATMs around the world at Coin ATM Radar:

Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has taken all the glory as the #1 coin approaching $20k USD for a Bitcoin but Bitcoin Cash has gone from $300 in August to nearly $2000 USD in December. At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin has high fees and very slow processing transaction times while Bitcoin Cash is both fast and has very low fees.