Calvin Ayre Foundation matching donations for Barbuda Relief

Calvin Ayre is no stranger to philantropy (charity work and contributions that is) and it seems almost every year, his Calvin Ayre Foundation is behind a cause and this year it's one that is close to home with Hurricane Irma leaving a wake of destruction in the carribean including Barbuda.

Calvin Ayre has announced that his foundation will be matching donations for the Barbuda relief up to $1 million.


Cash donations can be sent to the Barbuda Relief & Rebuilding Fund via government accounts set up at the following banks:

Antigua Commercial Bank: Barbuda Relief & Rebuilding Fund account #100004771
Caribbean Union Bank: Barbuda Relief & Rebuilding Fund account #10001372.

Donations can also be made to the Red Cross relief effort by downloading the TickeTingEvents #helpBarbuda app from either the iOS App Store or Google Play, or via the TickeTingEvents website.

Wherever you choose to donate, send a copy of your receipt and the Calvin Ayre Foundation will add an equal amount to the money they’ve already committed. If you donate $100, it will in effect be equivalent to $200 directly helping the Island of Barbuda.