is legit?

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David O. from Newfoundland asks us:

hey is a good place to store Ripple?

Our simple answer is we don't know much about them other than what people are saying about the website. seems to be an online wallet and there are enough of these around. For a site that is a .net domain, it's harder to take them as serious and one you can trust.

Cryptocompare has a low rating of them

One user recently posted a comment

i did two eth deposits to trade my eth into xrp. both deposits took more than 18 hours AFTER network confirmation... in addition to that i lost valuable profits from theese delays. very sad and they don't even read their tickets nor their twitter account.

Overall there are many disgruntled customers here.

The comments are far more critical and harsh at

One user posted there recently

dont use Gatehub they suck its UI sucks
the transacitons fail apart from that every failed transaction they take MONEY!!!!!
Dont use it

Reading comments on Facebook page

It's hard to imagine using this wallet in any capacity after reading any of these reviews.