La Maison du Bitcoin is located in the centre of Paris, France. It is an exciting store for the concept but you can think of it no different than this website which is an information portal. Perhaps the main difference between a location and business like this versus other websites is that users would probably trust the advice of the people working here than any other website where nobody ever knows if the advice is biased or simply not worth reading.

As the name of the store implies, it is about Bitcoin so perhaps you might not get as much information about some of the alt coins or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Bitcoin ATM

Their main business is facilitating the transfer and buying of Bitcoin as they have computers and an ATM machine.

Their transaction fees are as follows as of November 28th, 2017:

  • 500€ : 10%
  • 500€ : 9%
  • 500 to 3000€ : 8%
  • 3000 to 5000€ : 7%
  • 5000 to 10000€ : 6,5%
  • Over 10000€ : 6%

Also there is a minimum transaction fee of 100€.

They also sell Ledger Nano S which are one of the popular physical wallets you can buy and use. At the store they also offer to help you to learn how to use it.

The store itself isn't very big but they have plenty of books on the topics of Bitcoin especially for new users. Overall this place is a decent hub to come in and ask questions which for the short term, the general public still is in the dark about how this all works.

At the entrance you have to speak to a person behind a glass counter and the rest of the site is locked which sounds like they take security very seriously. They have a few currency notes of Zimbabwe showing One Hundred Trillion dollar bills.

Just a footnote that the Zimbabwean dollar experienced hyperinflation which was effectively abandoned on April 12th, 2009. It's just one subtle reminder of the value of cryptocurrencies where fiat currencies are always subject to some type of inflation while cryptocurrencies don't.

To learn more about La Maison du Bitcoin visit their website: