Bitcoin Cash is just now starting to be listed at some online casinos for depositing and withdrawing. There are already many Bitcoin accepted casinos out there but Bitcoin is slowly pricing itself out of being a useable means of transferring money. Today the Bitcoin fee is hovering around $15 to $16 USD per transaction. Meanwhile Bitcoin Cash is hovering around 17 cents (yes $0.17) for a transaction fee which is extremely low and reasonable.

Some points comparing Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin has high transaction fees and slow
  • Bitcoin Cash has low transaction fees and fast
  • Bitcoin Cash was part of the Bitcoin fork on August 1st, 2017
  • Bitcoin Cash really acts and operates like the way Bitcoin did previously
  • Bitcoin is worth $16282.88 USD while Bitcoin Cash is worth $1569.50

At the moment the list of casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash is rather small but it is something that will grow quickly in 2018 and beyond.

Bovada announces it would be accepting Bitcoin Cash and if users had a Bitcoin balance at the casino, they are awarded the equivalent in Bitcoin Cash. Bovada is one of the better known US bookmakers and online casinos and it's not a surprise they have been one of the first to adopt Bitcoin and they are also one of the first to support Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash overtakes Ethereum

Bitcoin Cash derived from the Bitcoin fork on August 1st, 2017 and the price has been rocky but from September until late 2017, the price has rocketed up soaring past Ethereum to be the #2 player in cryptocurrencies. As long as Bitcoin Cash has faster transaction speeds and continues to have low transaction fees, it's going to be hard to imagine that Bitcoin Cash won't be making gains against Bitcoin in 2018 and beyond. At least if Bitcoin is going to continue to rise, Bitcoin Cash at least shouldn't be that far behind.