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Withdraw Ethereum from Kraken to Jaxx wallet

Exchanges with cryptocurrencies are somewhat acknowledged to be on the riskiest ways to store your cryptocurrencies. When MT Gox collapsed years ago, it became the warning sign for everyone in cryptocurrencies to protect their assets and not store it where it can be hacked and stolen. Now that we are learning of the arrest of Alexander Vinnik who was behind the Mt. Gox thefts and used Bitcoin to launder over $4 billion USD, it's just a reminder that Mt Gox shouldn't be forgotten. Exchanges are great for getting started and trading for more coin types but don't let an exchange...

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Transferring BTC to Jaxx wallet from online

Editor note: Jaxx has failed to provide support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) despite a public announcement that it would be supported. After a few months, Jaxx support continue to state an announcement will be made but nothing has been made yet. Until this is fixed, users are advised to try another wallet. If you are looking to take your Bitcoin off of any online wallet or exchange, you'll want to do this before August 1st before the split in bitcoin happens. Otherwise were recommending Jaxx as one of the best wallets around that you can store on any...

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Best Wallet for Ethereum, Bitcoin & Altcoins

What's the best wallet to store your Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other altcoin? We list a few recommended wallets for storing your digital currencies. Jaxx Jaxx is a popular wallet that gives you the ability to store numerous coin types like BTC, ETC, LTC, Dash and a lot more. You can use Jaxx on any computer: Mac, Windows, Linux and on Android or iPhone. Exodus Exodus is another multi-asset wallet that is commonly recommended by people in the cryptocurrency communities. Just ask around for a good Ethereum wallet and...

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The fall of oil

Is oil on the decline? The world doesn't seem to have a shortage of it with more reserves being discovered, it seems this could be the change in how we use energy. An article by Business Insider shows that oil could drop as low as $30 a barrel and stay that way for some time. We finally have electric cars which could shift our dependency on oil. We are definitely seeing better renewable energy resources coming from solar cells which have improved in efficiency and reduced in costs. We have numerous ways of harnessing energy...

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Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum with QuadrigaCX

QuadrigaCX is an exchange that is allows Canadians to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. Keep in mind that when you register with a site like QuadrigaCX, you are doing more than providing your personal details but they have strong KYC procedures so you should be expected to prove your identity and proof of address. Signup to QuadrigaCX Click here to signup to QuadrigaCX You'll have to enter in an account type (personal), email address, first and last name, date of birth and country of residence. You'll then be asked to create a secure password and...

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