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Side hustle some Bitcoin or Ethereum

A side hustle is a means to earn a little extra money in your spare time so you can help yourself financially. It can also mean to work on a side project that's a hobby of yours which could also lead to a financial gain but doesn't have to be. There are so many things you can do on the side to earning a bit of extra income. The first thing that comes to mind is freelancing which you can find an endless supply of jobs at One of the most common jobs on UpWork is writing and translating....

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Is Bitcoin a bubble that will burst?

There are many people that think Bitcoin is a bubble and some have gone as far to call it a ponzi scheme. Mark Cuban got a real discussion going which his comments seem to have dropped the price of bitcoin. I think it's in a bubble. I just don't know when or how much it corrects. When everyone is bragging about how easy they are making $=bubble— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) June 6, 2017 To some extent I have to give Mark Cuban some credit where many people believe that by moving money...

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OneCoin teaches us to research on cryptocurrencies

I had a friend that asked me if I heard of OneCoin, said he was looking into it and one of his friends invested a lot into it. So the first thing I searched for in Google is onecoin and the results then are not much different than the result now in a span of a month. When I told him to Google it himself and read all the articles, he wasn't happy with what he read. August search results: June search results: Out of all the first page listings in Google for...

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OneCoin in the news 2017

OneCoin is constantly in the news and this year has been no shortage of news of OneCoin. Here are some snippets of news about OneCoin Police in Mumbai have issued a look-out notice as they seek the arrest of six individuals connected to OneCoin, the digital currency scheme widely believed to be fraudulent. Hungary's government has set its sights on OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.

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Lack of support for Segwit2x Bitcoin fork

There is supposed to be another fork in Bitcoin in November 2017 where the fork is supposed to be for support of Segwit2x. There are just a few big problems with this which that there are enough people in the community that don't support Segwit2x at all, or at least, nobody is sure of that. There does seem to be a war going on between people on the Segwit2x side and those on the Bitcoin Cash side of things, or just anyone in particular really. What it comes down to is control and ideas that people want to push...

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