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Gift Guide for giving Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies for Christmas

Who doesn't want Bitcoin for Christmas, or maybe Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum. Or how about some Ripple or Iota. Our recommended gift list Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet) Paper wallet Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Surprisingly giving cryptocurrencies as a gift becoming popular as it is somewhat easy to do. You can try to setup an account for someone although it would be in theory easier to do through a hardware wallet or even a paper wallet. Tips for newbies wanting to give cryptocurrency as a gift If you don't...

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Ledger Wallet - Recommended Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Why are these USB hardware wallets so popular? They are popular for users that take security very seriously. The number of money stolen every year is astonishing and you'll not need to look further than Youbits getting hacked a 2nd time and going out of biz. What do we like about the Ledger Nano S Quality device It works! Stores Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and a big list of others Looks the best out of the others on the market Get the Ledger Nano S: Alternatives to the Ledger...

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies way down December 22, 2017

A tough reality for those in cryptocurrencies as the coin markets crashed on December 22nd, 2017 with maybe the exception of Ripple where Ripple did crash but has since recovered (Ripple now again over $1). Bitcoin loses 25% value in 24 hours Bitcoin has tumbled hard and it has seemingly took the rest of the cryptocurrencies with it. Bitcoin Cash had hit below $2000 after hitting $4k the previous week. Perhaps the coin that lost the least value is Ethereum which has not crashed as hard as the rest. Current prices BTC: $13180.99...

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Litecoin an uncertain future as founder Charlie Lee sells all LTC

Litecoin is one of the original alt coins coming into existence in 2011 and created by former Google engineer Charlie Lee. However the founder Charlie Lee has recently announced he has sold all of his Litecoin which currently has a value of $283 per coin. Do we need Litecoin? For any cryptocurrency you should always be asking yourself, do we need this? If the answer is probably no then it is a good reason to be concerned. Litecoin looks to be marginally better than Bitcoin which is the purpose they set out in creating it but it...

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Ripple hits $1US per coin, buy low sell high

Many cryptocurrencies are on the rise but the smaller ones, or alt coins as they are often referred to, can be lucrative. Ripple is a coin that is traded as XRP and they have some big names and banks listed on their site. Ripple has just hit the $1 per coin and could be going up as more people learn about it. Their market cap is at $39 billion USD making it the 4th largest cryptocurrency behind the big 3 of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. In the past 24 hours, Ripple has been on the...

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