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How to claim your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from Jaxx wallet

Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet that calls themselves the best: Best Wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dozens of Other Cryptocurrencies The major problem with that is their list dozens of other cryptocurrencies does NOT include Bitcoin Cash, or at least it did not until Nov 15th, 2017. What makes this far more interesting is that Jaxx said they would be supporting Bitcoin Cash after the August 1st, 2017 split. It has taken Jaxx a very long time to provide support for it up until now it was difficult to get your Bitcoin...

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La Maison du Bitcoin in Paris, France

La Maison du Bitcoin is located in the centre of Paris, France. It is an exciting store for the concept but you can think of it no different than this website which is an information portal. Perhaps the main difference between a location and business like this versus other websites is that users would probably trust the advice of the people working here than any other website where nobody ever knows if the advice is biased or simply not worth reading. As the name of the store implies, it is about Bitcoin so perhaps you might not...

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What does Calvin Ayre think of Segwit2x? #NO2X

Segwit2x is seemingly a controversial split in Bitcoin that is supposed to happen in November 2017. There are many that are calling the next Bitcoin fork to be more deviant than the last fork which created Bitcoin Cash. For people like Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright and Roger Ver, they seem to be saying that Bitcoin Cash should be really referred to as the real Bitcoin based on the original intent of Bitcoin and the initial whitepaper on it. At the time of writing, there are many miners and exchanges that have no intention of supporting Segwit2x and there...

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Calvin Ayre Foundation matching donations for Barbuda Relief

Calvin Ayre is no stranger to philantropy (charity work and contributions that is) and it seems almost every year, his Calvin Ayre Foundation is behind a cause and this year it's one that is close to home with Hurricane Irma leaving a wake of destruction in the carribean including Barbuda. Calvin Ayre has announced that his foundation will be matching donations for the Barbuda relief up to $1 million. HOW TO DONATE Cash donations can be sent to the Barbuda Relief & Rebuilding Fund via government accounts set up at the...

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Bitcoin explained and why it isn't a ponzi scheme

Bitcoin is becoming something that most people have at least heard of by now. If everyone took the time to read about the technology behind it and understand the value and power of cryptocurrencies, a lot more people would be on board. So until you take the time to read about how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work, the next question many ask, is Bitcoin a ponzi scheme? The answer is probably not but you can't answer that without explaining the value of Bitcoin and why it's not a fad where if it was a fad, then of course it...

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