Polymath is available for trading. If you haven't heard of Polymath before, then you have now. Polymath was ranked around 90 to 95 on Coinmarketcap.com earlier but has since climbed to rank 81 and expected to keep on rising.

Binance Lists Community Coin Round 8 Winner - Polymath (POLY)

Binance.com has announced early on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 that Polymath was available for trading. Previously Polymath was available on Bittrex exchange but this is one of the major exchanges to announce that Polymath was available.

Polymath's Trevor Koverko to speak at Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto

You can learn more about the Blockchain Futurist Conference here.

5 Reasons why we are bullish on Polymath

  • Will be announced in the future on major exchanges like Coinbase
  • Will eventually be listed at other exchanges and wallets making it more mainstream
  • Far more legit than Ripple
  • Current market cap of $110 million and ranked #81 on Coinmarketcap.com
  • Has only recently launched and will have major announcements as the year happens
  • The Polymath advisory board features some of the most influential people in the blockchain space

Polymath sharp rise on the news followed by downtrend

The news of Binance offering Polymath spiked the price and you can see previous to that some speculation of it rising. After a large spike there was a down trend as traders have most likely been selling.

From here on in, this is Polymath's first real wave in the cryptocurrency space and will have more traders and investors talking about it and learning more about what they are about.