Setting up a paper wallet is surprisingly easy however a big word of caution, only trust paper wallet sites from trusted sources. There are no doubt going to be sites pretending to be a legitimate paper wallet so always look up the name.

Paper wallet with is a paper wallet generator for Bitcoin Cash. The way it works is you either type random characters in the box or simply move your mouse around until you hit 100% in generating your Bitcoin Cash address.

So what is happening is a wallet is being created where you are given the private key AND a Bitcoin Cash Address. The private key is what can help you transfer the value like on a desktop wallet like for example. The Bitcoin Cash Address is the address where you would send or transfer money to. So if you want to load up this paper wallet with money, just copy this address and give it to the sender if that isn't you to begin with.

Single Wallet vs Paper Wallet

These are nearly the same thing but notice that the addresses are different so if you are creating these wallets, be sure you make a few copies of this in case you lose it. You could also carefully write the data down too. Treat it like real money, you lose it or if it is destroyed, you might not be able to recover it. The Single Wallet looks fairly basic but the Paper Wallet is the fancy design so if you want to give it as a gift or simply make your paper wallet look fancy, select the "Paper Wallet" and you'll get something like this:

You can also choose to add BIP38 Encrypt and put on a passphrase if you want to add another layer of security. If that doesn't make any sense then you can simply ignore it.

Visit to setup your Bitcoin Cash paper wallet and remember to not send Bitcoin to this address, otherwise you'll encounter some problems.