A side hustle is a means to earn a little extra money in your spare time so you can help yourself financially. It can also mean to work on a side project that's a hobby of yours which could also lead to a financial gain but doesn't have to be. There are so many things you can do on the side to earning a bit of extra income. The first thing that comes to mind is freelancing which you can find an endless supply of jobs at upwork.com. One of the most common jobs on UpWork is writing and translating. Writing articles should be an easy task and there will always be a demand for content.

Get paid in BTC or ETH, no dollars

Now instead of getting paid in dollars, euros or whatever currency you use, why not either turn that into Bitcoin or Ethereum or work directly for coins? Feeling like you've earned and hustled that extra bit of coin will just be better especially if you believe what other cryptocurrency experts believe: Bitcoin and Ethereum are going to be worth a lot more! At the time of writing this, Bitcoin is at $2780 and Ethereum is valued at $390. This week Bitcoin was over $3000 and Ethereum was over $400.

At the moment there are not a lot of sites or platforms that offer a good coin exchange for work. In theory Ethereum is the perfect model for this and it has the potential to wipe out a site like UpWork or even to swallow it up. This is where Ethereum has the edge on Bitcoin for it's ability to combine work and contracts together making it more important than the simple financial transaction.

Ethereum over Bitcoin?

There are many Bitcoin purists out there that think there will only be one currency. If that is true there are many that also think Ethereum is going to be worth more than Bitcoin. For all the numbers for future values of Bitcoin being tossed around, BTC is going to be worth a lot.

Back to side hustling

The work you are able to do right now has a strong potential for a bigger future value. Just imagine you hustled some work and got yourself a Bitcoin or 1 Ethereum, if we take the current values now and think about ETH gaining more value than BTC or even some of the future projections of BTC, it has potential to beat out inflation which ironically is what cryptocurrencies are supposed to help avoid.

What are some good side hustling jobs?

  • Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Programming
  • Photography
  • Videography

Just thinking of what I think these coins will be worth in the future, I think the best value of time spent is right now building a stockpile of coins that has the potential to grow more than any other type of investment.