Editor note: Jaxx has failed to provide support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) despite a public announcement that it would be supported. After a few months, Jaxx support continue to state an announcement will be made but nothing has been made yet. Until this is fixed, users are advised to try another wallet.

If you are looking to take your Bitcoin off of any online wallet or exchange, you'll want to do this before August 1st before the split in bitcoin happens. Otherwise were recommending Jaxx as one of the best wallets around that you can store on any computer, any phone and soon they'll have support for hardware so you can go cold storage all the way. Visit jaxx.io to get started!

Why Jaxx?

Jaxx wallet is free and you can download it for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and also available as a Chrome plugin. You'll soon be able to get Jaxx on hardware which is coming soon. Jaxx supports almost every main cryptocurrency from BTC, ETH, Dogecoin, Litecoin, thiscoin, thatcoin, etc...

Create a new wallet

We recommend custom so you can make your wallet a bit more secure.

Create your wallet for BTC, ETCH or anything else

You can always add more wallets later.

Select your default currency

If you want to see the value of your currencies in USD or any other fiat, just select it here.

Backup phrase - Security

You'll be assigned a backup phrase which will help access your account if you ever get problems. Very very important you write this down!

Security Pin

A security pin gives you a little bit more security.

Verify your pin

You'll need to enter your pin twice to create it and click continue.

Transfer BTC from your online wallet or exchange to your Jaxx address

When you are in your Jaxx wallet for BTC, copy your Bitcoin address, you can click on the 'copy page' icon to the right of it to ensure you are not copying any extra information like an extra space. Your address needs to be completely exact and copying it wrong could lose your money. Just enter the amount and the Bitcoin address in your online wallet or exchange and send it.

Transfer confirmation

After you should see a transfer confirmation from your wallet or exchange. Your Jaxx wallet shouldn't take long to at least post the transaction history showing the amount and time, it will initially say unconfirmed but just wait it out and eventually when it's confirmed you'll see your wallet displaying the Bitcoin amount in there.