Segwit2x is seemingly a controversial split in Bitcoin that is supposed to happen in November 2017. There are many that are calling the next Bitcoin fork to be more deviant than the last fork which created Bitcoin Cash. For people like Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright and Roger Ver, they seem to be saying that Bitcoin Cash should be really referred to as the real Bitcoin based on the original intent of Bitcoin and the initial whitepaper on it.

At the time of writing, there are many miners and exchanges that have no intention of supporting Segwit2x and there is a movement that is outright against it and referred to simply as NO2x and you can look up a lot of discussions on Twitter for #NO2x.

Roger Ver said buying a coffee is not a microtransaction. How do you envision any cryptocurrency (or Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash) to handle small transactions like this, do you feel this is the true way of the future for buying things on a small scale all the way up to bigger transactions?

Roger is correct…micro transactions can be way way smaller than a cup of coffee transaction and for a public blockchain value transfer system to work properly you need super small transaction fees and the only public Blockchain that can do this properly now is Bitcoin (BCC). By the end of Q1 of next year the infrastructure will be fully rolled out for Bitcoin (BCC) to take over as the only necessary public blockchain.

Why do you think Segwit2x is doomed to fail? Coinbase initially wanted to not support BCH but bent to pressure after losing a lot of upset customers wanting their BCH. Now we have Coinbase openly welcoming Segwit2x, do you think users should be weary of using Coinbase for their actions to date?

I would not trust any site that cannot see that Bitcoin (BCC) is the only public block chain that it can do it all.

Bitcoin Gold = ?

Bitcoin Gold is a parody of how stupid any small block chain is. You don’t need a digital gold, you already have the real thing and its already good at not being easy or cheap to use for transactions. I suspect this branch will be short lived. In the next 12 months everyone will see that Bitcoin (BCC) is the only one you need to do it all. You don’t need two internets and you don’t need two public blockchains."

What you need to know about Segwit2x

Segwit is short for Segregated Witness and was meant to be a solution for making the blockchain more efficient, but by their standards. There are many programs, investors, groups, minors and exchanges that are not in favour of these changes.

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