Exchanges with cryptocurrencies are somewhat acknowledged to be on the riskiest ways to store your cryptocurrencies. When MT Gox collapsed years ago, it became the warning sign for everyone in cryptocurrencies to protect their assets and not store it where it can be hacked and stolen. Now that we are learning of the arrest of Alexander Vinnik who was behind the Mt. Gox thefts and used Bitcoin to launder over $4 billion USD, it's just a reminder that Mt Gox shouldn't be forgotten. Exchanges are great for getting started and trading for more coin types but don't let an exchange hold your money when there is always the risk of them getting hacked or worse, going out of business.

This guide will show you how to withdraw Etherum (ETH) from the Kraken exchange to your Jaxx wallet. Of course if you have't got a wallet, you can learn more with our guide to transferring BTC to Jaxx wallet.

Jaxx wallet for your computer or phone

First thing you should be doing is getting a wallet so you can transfer your coins to your computer and at least get them off of an exchange. If you want to be ultra secure, then you'll want to consider cold storage which is either paper wallets or storing on a device not connected to the internet.

Kraken Exchange

This shows part of the dashboard when you login to Kraken. On the top left you'll want to make sure you have ETH selected for the currency pair.

Funding > Withdraw

In the Funding section you'll see Withdraw so click on that.

Select Ether (ETH)

In the left hand column, select Ether (ETH) so you'll get the next page.

Get your Ethereum Address in Jaxx

Click the copy icon which looks like a page and is to the right of your Current Ethereum Address. Double or triple check you have this information correct, you never want to make any mistakes on this!

Add address

You'll see a section for Add address so do that, copy in the Ethereum address in the *Ether address field and for a description call it something unique that identifies where it is going.

Transferring Ethereum

Select your address and put in the amount you want to transfer and click the Review Withdrawal button.

Review Withdrawal

Double check the information is correct including the Address, very important!

Confirm Withdrawal

Triple check it!

Withdrawal confirmed

This shows your withdrawal is confirmed. After this in your Jaxx wallet, it shouldn't take long to show the transaction history appear to show your Ethereum transaction listing date, time, amount and there are a number of confirmations that prove the transaction has gone through.

Now you have your Ethereum in your Jaxx wallet

You can see your balance in your wallet and it will of course show the value of the coins in the currency you have selected.

Now just close the application, turn off your computer and never open it again!